Restaurants in Cancun

The best restaurants in Cancun are facing the Nichupte lagoon, and with in walking distance from Beach House Cancun. Most restaurants are at the lagoon and you will only find a few independent restaurants located on the Caribbean Sea. Most of them will be inside a hotel. Cancun’s first-class restaurants feed visitors from all over the world and serve cuisine from many different countries; however, most of our select choices serve Mexican food choices that you will love.

Our top five restaurants in Cancun hotel zone are: Argentinian Food: Puerto Madero, Mexican Food: Porfirio’s, SteakHouse & Raw Bar: Harry’s, Sea Food & Raw Bar: Fred’s, and Mexican Food: Taboo. With gorgeous views to the lagoon, all these restaurants are well known among locals for their food and service quality. The view is amazing from any of them and the best time to visit them is at dinner time where a beautiful sunset will be waiting for you.

To Start…

No matter where you’re from, one of the things you look forward to the most is eating great food on your vacation! Luckily for you, Cancun has many amazing restaurants that offer a variety of cultural choices that you may not find in your home town.

Important. Cancun is home to many fine restaurants, but they are spread out all over, and some are found inside hotels and are hard to reach. Don’t spend your time searching for good food, we have the best restaurants in Cancun here! All these restaurants are near the Beach House Cancun, and they are all top-rated by guests and locals alike. Want to know what’s available? Read on!


Argentine food is a cultural blend of Mediterranean influences during the colonial period when the Spanish came to South America! Argentinian food is perfect for travelers who aren’t into spicy food.

Puerto Madero          

This restaurant is a tribute to Buenos Aires in Argentina. The building utilizes dark wood, glass, and brick to give an elegant and classy atmosphere. You won’t eat at another restaurant quite like Puerto Madero. They use a charcoal grill to enhance the unique flavors of Argentine food with Prime meats and seafood. You can also have a lovely view sitting on the deck! Enjoy dishes like empanadas, Puerto salad, and surf and turf Puerto Madero.


You may think you’ve had Mexican food before, but you haven’t had Mexican food in Cancun! Native Mexicans make different dishes and even variations of dishes that are different than what you’d find in the states. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by what you didn’t know was available.


Porfirio’s is an upscale Mexican dining experience. You’ll get to try new textures, flavors, and food colors. The unique décor gives this restaurant a unique, modern vibe while serving traditional Mexican food in an elevated way. You can dine on the deck or sit inside, where you may have a view of the lagoon. There are also over 100 Tequila and Mezcales names available for selection! Add this restaurant to part of your Cancun adventure.


Most people know American food includes a lot of meat and cheese, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be classy! Cancun is home to some luxurious steakhouses.

Harry’s Prime Steakhouse and Raw Bar

Harry’s Prime Steakhouse and Raw Bar has a large menu to accommodate the pickiest eaters. There’s an extensive wine cellar, a waterfall, and lagoon views. It’s also the only restaurant that dry ages their steaks in Cancun! Order Alaskan King Crab, Harry’s Beef Medallions, Caribbean Lobster Tail, or Filet Mignon, steak and seafood lovers will all find something to enjoy at this casually elegant location. It includes Japanese steaks and USDA Prime certified meats exclusively sourced from Nebraska farms.


What is a trip to Mexico without fresh seafood? While many places offer some type of seafood, some restaurants specialize in it. Think lobster, crab, shrimp, and more!


Fred’s has a more laid-back atmosphere, popular for its Seafood and Oyster Bar. You can get mojitos in unexpected flavors and varieties while watching the sunsets over Cancun Lagoon. The chefs prepare the fish and seafood on the spot, surrounded by a tropical paradise. It’s open for lunch, dinner, late-night snacks, and drinks! If you’re health-conscious, this would be a great place to visit because there are also vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Order your favorite Caribbean and International fusion seafood here!


Cancun offers great Mediterranean food options! Mediterranean food involves olive, wheat, grapes, olive oil, pasta, and wine. Many different cultures are part of classic Mediterranean food, and Cancun restaurants will give you a unique spin on this food type!


Taboo adopts Mediterranean style as not only a food but as a lifestyle. Mediterranean food is iconic and represents Spanish, Greek, and Italian food with homemade Pasta, delectable fresh seafood, delicious hamburgers, and unique drinks. Food cooks and grills over a wood fire to enhance the flavor. The ambiance is thoughtful and artistic and will give you the feeling that you’re really eating by the Mediterranean Sea, even though you’re looking out over the Caribbean coast.

Most restaurants are inside hotels and may be more difficult to get to. These restaurants are close to our Beach House Cancun and are top-rated with gorgeous views, delicious food, and are well known for their service and food quality. These restaurants are well-known and visited among locals as fine establishments. These first-class restaurants will not only meet your fine dining expectations, but they will exceed them. You will be missing the food when you go back home that you won’t want to wait to come back to enjoy the unique blend of Mediterranean, Mexican, American, and seafood available in Cancun!

So why wait? Book your stay at the Beach House Cancun today, and have a relaxing stay while enjoying some of the finest food in the world.