Jungle Tour Cancun

Adventure-seeking souls don’t need to look far to find action-packed excursions in Cancun. For those looking for a little speed, a speedboat jungle tour is right for you! Go on a jungle tour in Cancun to experience the green jungle, blue oceans, and underwater sights in a way you never have before. Just cross the Kukulcan Avenue from Beach House Cancun and you will find the Barracuda Marina that offers one of the top Jungle tours in Cancun  

Jungle Tour

Imagine taking 2-3 of your favorite people through the rivers next to the Caribbean jungle on a speedboat fit for 4 people. You’d speed through the water, go really fast, slow down, make turns, and see things you’ve never seen before. The lush jungle would hang down around you, and you may even get a glimpse of monkeys, bats, and other wildlife. That’s not to mention the fish that are swimming beneath you, which you’d get to see as well.

This is what you’d get to experience on a jungle tour with The Masters of Cancun. They specialize in taking people through new adventures in the wild Caribbean jungles. You’d be able to slip into the speedboat no matter what the weather and be on the water for over 2 hours! You’d definitely get wet, which is why you need a good bathing suit (or two) for your trip. A guide will also be there to help you.

You’d be exploring the mangroves on the Jungle tour. The Cancun mangroves are full of biodiversity, with many plants and animals including frogs, squirrels, iguanas, and crocodiles.

Reef Snorkeling

After you finish speed boating through the mangroves, you’d get to slow down to swim and snorkel through the water. There are so many colorful fish and coral to see in the water, you’re never going to want to leave! The most common fish in the Caribbean are the Trumpetfish, Angelfish, and Barracuda. But you may get lucky and see some dolphins, sea turtles, and whale sharks!

There is so much marine life in Cancun, it would be impossible to name everything to see when you go reef snorkeling as part of your Jungle Tour. But we can tell you that many schools of tropical fish live in Cancun, as well as over 1500 starfish species! If you’re snorkeling in shallow waters, you may just come across nurse sharks. But don’t worry, they’re not interested in eating people and are very docile. They mostly come out at night though, so you probably won’t see them during your day trip. Manta Rays also occupy a lot of Caribbean waters, which also can look intimidating because of their size. But they won’t hurt you, and they may even enjoy your swimming next to them or they may just lie still on the sea bed.

Underwater Museum of Art

One major excitement of going on the Jungle Tour is snorkeling through the Underwater Museum of Art. The museum attracts art lovers and lovers of macabre alike, and that is because there are statues and art exhibits underwater available for divers and snorkelers to enjoy. The unexpected location combined with lifelike statues is eerie yet beautiful for those who visit!

The museum founders are attempting to save and protect the natural coral reefs outside Quintana Roo. There are currently over 500 structures standing on the ocean floor, with no walls to separate them, making it one of the largest underwater attractions in the world.

These structures stand on the seabed in hopes that they eventually become a permanent part of the reefs for the marine life to inhabit. The surfaces are all pH-neutral which will hopefully promote coral growth on the unique sculptures. The statues are currently covered in algae and coral, which is promising!

Some of the most popular sculptures are the people sitting around a table, the hands holding up two fingers, and the underwater car with the figure laying on the dashboard. It’s difficult to imagine the beauty and novelty of the underwater sculptures, it’s something you have to see to believe. One of the many ways you can experience this is part of the Jungle Tour in Cancun!

Private Isla Mujeres Tour

If that doesn’t sound like it’s quite your speed, consider a private tour to Isla Mujeres! You’ll get an exclusive boat, a captain, and reef snorkeling. You can have up to 10 people on the boat, and the tour will last about 4 hours! Jump off the boat in the gorgeous Playa Norte to swim in the shallow beach with bright turquoise water.

Mangrove Tour

The Mangrove Tour is similar to the Jungle Tour, where you will receive a guided tour in your own speedboat for 2 to 4 people. You’ll go through beautiful Nichupte Lagoon with your private speedboat, and then enjoy the mangrove. You can also swim in Playa Conchinas when you have gone through the mangroves.

Discover a new world in Cancun with a jungle tour. Book your stay at the Beach House Cancun, then book a jungle tour to see Cancun in a whole new way.