Dolphin Swim Cancun

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Mexico is a great place to meet dolphins in their natural environment. Dolphins are extremely caring and intelligent, and they can’t wait to meet you! A Dolphin Swim in Cancun will be something that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!

Imagine telling your friends and family that you got to pet and maybe even ride a dolphin! Here are 6 places that offer a Dolphin swim in Cancun and dolphins excursions or packages. 


 Xcaret is a huge park that offers so many fun activities. It’s a water, theme, and amusement park all in one right in the Mayan jungle with cenotes and underground rivers. In short, it’s the ultimate playground for water-loving adventure seekers. That also makes it an ideal place to swim with dolphins!

When you choose to swim with dolphins at Xcaret, you will get to interact with dolphins and a professional will teach you about dolphins. Yo will learn what they eat, how smart they are, and how they have fun! You get a full 45 minutes for the dolphins to sing, jump, and hug you! These friendly animals will even give you a goodbye kiss when you leave. You’ll get a life jacket and be able to change in a locker room. Xcaret lets children of all ages play with the dolphins. Children under 8 years old or under 3.6 feet will need an adult with them! Bring up to 10 people from your family to Xcaret for the dolphin interaction!


 Xel-Ha is another natural water park right in Cancun. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It offers unlimited snorkeling and food and drinks with your stay! You can do zip lines, spas, lagoons, manatee encounters, sea treks, and cenotes, and swim with dolphins!

There are two programs at Xel-Ha for swimming with the dolphins, the Primax and Interax. In the Primax program, you get to play with them, hear them sing, and receive a kiss on your cheek. They can even push you by your feet over the water! You’ll get a certified instructor who will help you with the activities, including the jumps, free swimming, kisses, and singing. You will also get a life jacket! The Interax program is very similar to the Primax in that you still get dolphin kisses, hugs, claps, jumps, with free swimming, but without the feet pushing in the water. You’ll still get a certified instructor to teach you about them. Kids of all ages are welcome, but children under 8 need an adult to swim with them.

Puerto Morelos

 If you have specific requests in your dolphin interaction, then Puerto Morelos may be the best place for you. Choose between 5 different interaction programs, each specifically tailored for individual needs. Also, you have the option to have just one person interact with the dolphins for 45 minutes, or do a “couples dream” interaction for 45 minutes with two people. You can have up to 10 people for the “Splash” or “Ride” interactions, where you get to play with dolphins in both but you get to hold onto the dolphin fin while they pull you forward in the Ride interaction! The “Supreme” interaction includes 4 people for 45 minutes of swimming time and the famous nose push from the dolphin! Remember that you need reservations, and don’t wear sunscreen or jewelry to protect the dolphins.

Puerto Aventuras

 Located in the Riviera Maya, the Puerto Aventuras is a tourist development to respect the local plants and wildlife. It’s located in the Mayan Jungle in the Yucatan Peninsula, but you still get the attractions and amenities that a small town can provide. It’s a gorgeous and convenient place to swim with dolphins, as it’s located at the center of Puerto Aventuras and is only 10 minutes away from Playa del Carmen.

The Dolphin Discovery at the Riviera Maya Puerto Aventuras brings you and your family very close to the dolphins! For a standard package, you get to handshake, hug, kiss, and hear a special dolphin song. When you select a Royal Swim Plus Package, you get a foot push, dorsal fin tow, as well as interaction with the manatees and sea lions! The Riviera Maya Dolphin Swim Adventure Plus package includes a belly ride with a boogie push as well as the other dolphin interactions. You can also purchase the Dolphin Swim Adventure at the Riviera Maya package, which includes the dolphin adventure with the secret river! You’ll get to venture through the Riviera Maya jungles after the dolphin interaction with this deal.

Playa Mujeres

 There are so many different swimming with dolphins activities in Playa Mujeres, it can be hard to pick! The most popular is Delphinus swimming with dolphin experience. What makes this location stand out from the other dolphin experiences is that Playa Mujeres facilities sit on a big, beautiful white beachfront. The Caribbean ocean is Delphinus’ largest habitat and utilizes the most advanced technology to focus on protection and sustainability. You get to swim with the dolphins in the ocean, their natural habitat! Expect to learn about dolphin anatomy, personality, diet, receive kisses, and pet them.

Isla Mujeres & Cancun

If you want a Dolphin Swim closer to Beach House Cancun you can take the Ferry to Isla Mujeres a wonderful island of the Mexican Caribbean just across from Cancun; it is full of life and energy, and its home of many amazing species that dwell on this beautiful island engulfed by endless crystal clear waters.

In here, get ready to have the best dolphin experience, one of the most coveted activities in Cancun. Dolphins are very curious and friendly, and here at Dolphin Discovery-Isla Mujeres, they won’t hesitate to welcome you to their natural habitat to show you their skills when you carry out your Royal Swim program.

Remember, a Dolphin Swim in Cancun will make everlasting and cherished memories! Swimming with dolphins is an experience that you and your family will never forget. Book your stay at the Beach House Cancun and swim with the dolphins on your next trip!