Day Trips From Cancun

Are you looking for a day trips from Cancun full of action-filled adventure but aren’t sure where to go? Maybe you want something all-inclusive but have many different interests in your group. Don’t worry! Xcaret park, Xplor and Xel-Há Parks offer plenty of different activities that come with your visit there!

Whether you prefer a relaxing stay or want to chase some adventures, Xcaret, Xplor or Xel-Há will have something for you! These parks offer a perfect option for a day trips from Cancun and are close to beach house Cancun!


Located in Playa del Carmen, Xcaret is a combined water, theme, amusement, and eco-archaeological park. It includes cultural attractions, lagoons, rivers, natural pools, and animal sanctuaries. There’s something for every family member here, from the animal-loving to the adventure-seeking. Read on for more activity information!

You can buy separate tours or packages when you visit Xcaret. With over 50 different attractions at Xcaret, you may have a difficult time choosing what to do. One of the most popular activities is the Sea Trek, where you’ll put on a special helmet and walk on the bottom of the ocean. This special helmet allows you to breathe as if you were on land! You’ll descend some steps underwater little by little until you reach the bottom, as you adapt to the environment. There, you’ll walk around a marked path and explore!

Another popular activity at Xcaret is using Snuba technology to explore the local coral reefs. Snuba uses a snorkel-like visor and diving regulator while the oxygen tank floats on the surface rather than being on your person. With Snuba, you get to move around freely to explore the Barracuda Reef. You’ll receive guidance from expert instructors on how to use the equipment! You can dive deeper into the Caribbean Sea to explore the Mexican coral reefs using Snuba.

Xcaret Park homes many animals, and different parts of the park include the Coral Reef Aquarium, Sea Turtle Center, Butterfly Garden, the Aviary, Rainforest Trail, and the Bromeliad Museum. You’ll see plants and animals in these areas of the park as well as flamingos, spider monkeys, manatees, jaguars, and bats in different areas of the park!


 Adventure seekers will find their thrill in Xplor Park! Xplor is an adventure park where you will have every opportunity to experience freedom and adventure in the jungle.

With two circuits of seven zip-lines, Xplor is the most visited zip-line park in the world. Xplor strives to give you the feeling of flying, that feeling that comes so close to true freedom. The natural jungle views don’t hurt either, as you get to zipline over green treetops in Mexico with distant Caribbean ocean views. Xplor prioritizes safety, and they are always up to date on their safety standard certifications and comfortable harnesses.

Drive through caverns, small paths, and steep slopes on one of Xplor’s amphibious vehicles! You will go through two circuits of hanging bridges and flooded caverns, 3 miles each. These amphibious vehicles are a type of ATV. But while an ATV is a type of recreational vehicle, the amphibious vehicles are made to go underwater and come back out all while functioning the same and fitting two people and two children instead of just one adult.

Explore the underground rivers, rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites on an original raft at Xplor! The underground river offers 65 million years old of erosion, caverns, and caves from a meteorite! Use your hands to propel you or you and a partner forward. It’s harder with a partner, but you can go faster and smoother if you get your stride down. You’ll feel like a true cave explorer in this adventure.


Xel-Há is an iconic place in Riviera Maya. It features beautiful views with local plants and wildlife and was significant to the Mayans during their time. Xel-Há Park is a beautiful, natural water park that includes unlimited food, beverages, and snorkeling. There are so many water attraction experiences available, ocean lovers will visit Xel-Há again and again!

The Xel-Há Mayan Cave is available to snorkel or swim through on your Mayan adventure. It’s a covered cenote and the Mayans considered it a sacred place. The water in the cave gives it natural acoustics, making it feel peaceful as the sound reverberates back to you. Natural skylights reflect in the water, lighting the cave naturally which making it romantic and relaxing.

The river in Xel-Há mixes freshwater from the underground caves and mangroves with the ocean’s saltwater, making the river a unique home for vegetation and tropical fish. It’s fun to snorkel down the river, but you can also enjoy individual or double inner tubes to float down the river and enjoy the scenic views. As you go, you can always get off one of the many side platforms to take a break and soak in the scenery.

One of the fun activities in Xel-Há includes testing your balance and strength with the Trepachanga. Try walking between two ropes suspended over the river, and balancing yourself without falling in. Adults and children 5 and up enjoy challenging themselves with this fun activity at Xel-Há.

Have some fun on your trip to Mexico! Book a room at our Beach House Cancun and visit Xcaret Cancun, Xplore Cancun, and Xel-Há Cancun for an adventure you won’t forget!